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I'm just beginning to make materials in nXt and have run across a puzzling situation.

First I created a sphere using the solid menu.

Then I made a red glass material and assigned it to the sphere's layer.

It worked but the results are not as expected ... there seems to be an image in the sphere. It looks like palm trees with a building in the background. Maybe this is just a coincidence but there is no image in a rectangle using the same material.

Another question ... is there no way to add a texture to a material in nXt?



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Re: Another question ... I found out how to add bitmaps and textures to materials ... just had to look a little bit deeper. It worked fine and the materials saved correctly ...

THough I still have a question about the image in the sphere.



for image in the sphere, look if you are using sky with image or hdri

By default we use an HDRI of a forest to light the scene.  The sphere is both reflecting and refracting that environment, that is what you are seeing.  This is also reflecting and refracting out of the plane, but depending on the orientation of the plane you may not see anything descriptive.  This is because the curvature, the sphere will end up capturing almost the whole environment in its refraction and reflection, but the plane, being flat will only reflect a very small portion of the environment. 


For textures on material, click on the advanced button and you will see a maps tab you can add textures to the material.



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