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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Hi, Trying to adjust the glass settings  so that the area that covers the sky does not get so dark and so that the horizon that goes through the thickness of the letters bends more.  


Been playing around with refraction settings, does not change it much? Any tips for better understanding glass settings in NXT.  Is what I am asking even acheivable?

Thank YOu

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Here is the file

Here are a few ideas.


If sides of a glass object are perfectly parrallel, refraction will not be as great.  So in the far glass object I bent the back face of the rectangle.  You can see that there is a huge change in the horizon.


Glass is normally not a perfect flat float.  So, in the middle object I created a glass that has a very slight wrinkle texture in it.  This breaks up the refraction in the background.  This is closer to the imperfect glass that make up these types of signs.


Also getting glass off axis of the view can help.  So the closest object is rotated off axis.


The Sphere is smooth glass.  You can see with curved faces it is acting as a lens.




I see, too perfect.  Thank you so much.
Appreciate it,  I've been trying to use Rhino like a graphic illustration tool like Studio Max.  Since I know Rhino much better, getting some good results - that's why I pay special attention to framing the image and 300dpi resolutions.   -Best.

Nxt is really focused on realistic rendering and less on graphic illustrative special effects.  We need to be a little more creative to get it to produce unusual effects.  

Here's something I did for a promo for a 3D illustrative effect.  Normally this type of work is done in 3DStudio.   The background is placed in the environment and the hdri is a colorful one to get it to reflect colors in the "glass".



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