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normally in a material, the Fresnel is the ability of it to reflect light at the angle of vision. it produces effects on the iridescent material, unless I am mistaken. ntx flamingo in what is the fresnel and its effects? it seems that the sharpness of the reflection produced over the iridescent effect ....some explanations and illustrations would be welcome. Thanks for answers

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The basic fresnel effect in NXT will increase the reflective of an material as you view the surface at higher glancing angles.  You can see the efect in this article:




You can use this to increase the polished clear finish of a material.  Do this by increasing fresnel.  


Or you can decrease fresnel for certain materials that need very low reflectance, say a rubber tire.  With rubber I use a very little gloss reflection and turn down fresnel so the reflection does not increase at a glancing angle.


The limitation with the basic fresnel is that the basic reflectivity will be increased.  There are materials that change color at high reflective angles.  In this case, you would not use fresnel, but use an angular blend material in NXT. Iridescent materials might be a candidate for this. 

ok thanks for answer



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