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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

I use the discussion search function before posting but noticed that it does really work.

Is it me or do others have the same problem, I view the forum in Chrome? If it isn't just me, would be good to fix this.


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Not working for me, either, having just searched for "Camouflage" and had no matches....

Hopefully this can be fixed.

Thanks M

Not working here either...

Me either.

A work around is to search in Google then go to "advanced search" down the bottom of the page. Once you've been directed to the Advanced Search page put "http://nxt.flamingo3d.com/" in the "site or domain" dialogue box and search.

Its a bit long winded but it does the job. Would still be nice to get the search feature fixed on the site itself though :)

Thanks for the work around, would be handy to sort, just stops people asking similar questions when the answer are all ready there.

Thanks M

I didn't notice the search box top right in the page header, that still works. I know that they are looking at the other search box now.


I've had the same problem.  I also use Chrome.  I gave up using the search.



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