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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

After I render a relatively large image in my renderfarm (2 computers), I get 27 output files.

When I piece these together in the Flamingo Nxt Image editor, I get a completely white image. Rendering the same image from within Rhino, I get a normal output. The helpfile says about adding segements in the editor: " Add: Adds pixel values of one layer to the other. When values are above 255 (in the case of RGB), white is displayed."

Can someone help me toget this image to display correctly?

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If you open just a single output file, can you see the strip in the image editor?  Hint-- if it's hi-res you may need to zoom out for this test.

Yes Roy, When I open the output files I can see the strips adding up from the bottom of the screen.
All these strips are white. What do you think?

Something clearly went wrong here.  If it's correct you'll see strips of actual image.

Have you successfully rendered a single image on your farm previously?

Yes, I made one other image, low res, 2 passes. Came out in 4 or 5 strips and I could add them in the editor nicely. After that I was able to save it as a jpeg etc.

Hmmm.... try something in between (in terms of resolution) if you can.  Or, if you haven't already, try exactly the same view and model as the hi-res failed version but reduce the resolution somewhat.

I'm assuming these are 64 bit machines and you're running the 64 bit farm, correct?

Tried it on Printer, normal quality now and this resulted in strips that were no longer white. Ended up with same amount of strips and strangely enough these strip sizes are similar in size to the white strips I had originally (13 to 14 Mb).

Does this mean that the render farm can't handle Printer, high quality output?

No-- the theoretical limitations on resolution is very large-- it's the same rendering engine as the interactive product.  There can be limitations due to 32 bit systems.

It might be time to try the higher res. version again and hope for the best.



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