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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

I just posted a new service release for NXT which includes these improvements:

  1. Many crashes fixed.
  2. The new hybrid rendering engine has been added.  This can be found under the render tab in the Flamingo NXT control panel.  This combines the default render engine and the path tracer into one render engine.  The new engine calculates indirect light and caustics automatically.
  3. Tress Editor updated - There have been a number of stability improvements to this editor.
  4. We fixed a specific crashing problem at startup is Flamingo is set to a folder containing an invalid material.
  5. IES fixtures will nor properly retain their rotation, even in cases the lights are set in a vertical orientation.
  6. Flamingo properly interprets mesh normals in blocks.
  7. New Licence manager code has been added.  Along with an update to Rhino and the Zoo, Flamingo will run on the Rhino 5 Zoo.  Here are the details: http://wiki.mcneel.com/zoo/rhinolm5

To download the service release, use the Update alert at the bottom of the your screen or this link: http://www.flamingo3d.com/en/download/nxt/sr

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Hi there, I often check for new release by going R5 menu > Flamingo nXt > Check for updates, it says 'You have build 13-Jun-2013, you have the newest version.'

Is this service release suitable for me, I don't want to stuff up the working version by trying to install this over it. If it is suitable, why do i get 'you have the newest version' message.

Thanks M

Mash -

It sounds like your automatic update is a bit stuck.  If you go to the website and download the service release directly, then install.  That should get the automatic updater working correctly update.

Give this a try: http://www.flamingo3d.com/en/download/nxt/sr

Hello, I see is a great tool.

Two things I found, ground plane turned on in alpha channel does not do by render any groun.

And also HDRI map is not on somehow by HYBRID render turned on. 

Thanks, for answer, Roman.



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