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I seem to have problems using Flamingo nXt in an Bongo animation. When starting to render an animation the first frame get's rendered and then the process stops when the first frame should be saved - an error message appears in the Rhino command window "Error saving image".


The path for saving the image seems correct since rendering the animation works fine with all the other renderers (Rhino Render, Flamingo).


Any suggestions?




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got the same Problem - error saving image..

Tried the 64bit beta versions of rhino, flamingo and Bongo.

Same question though - any suggestions? ;)

Hi, I dont know what could be causing the problem, but I will add this to the bugtracker.

Rene, are you using 64 bits versiones too?

I've tried it with Rhino 4 in 32bit, got the same error. (Flamingo nXt beta and Bongo 2.0 beta)



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