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I am currently using Flamingo nXt and bongo 2.0 in rhino 5.0 to render some animations of a ship.

i had set it to render for a night, it did 375 frames and i had constrained the rendering to 5 passes.

when it was finished i found out a few frames were a bit darker then others, so when i put them in a video editing program it seems like it flickers a bit at certain points in the video.

Does this have something to do with the number of passes? is there a minimum number of passes for an animation?

or is it just something i have to deal with in my post processing? (rather not!)

other information:

I'm rendering at 1250x1080 pixels (its for a presentation purpose, large screen)

I'm using jpeg output (maybe bmp is better?)


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I have the same problem when rendering animations with flamingo nxt, tried different backgrounds, HDRIs, resolutions, frame rates, disabling alpha channels... nothing seems to work, did you find a solution?



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