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Flamingo nXt is a Rhino plug-in program. AccuRender nXt is an AutoCAD plug-in program. Are there any differences between Flamingo nXt and AccuRender nXt? Do they have the same plant editor? Is it possible to exchange data between Flamingo nXt and AccuRender nXt?

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They are based on the same render engine.  So, technically you should be able to match output from one to the other.  In reality  the interfaces are a bit different and the AccuRender product tends to be ahead of the Flamingo by a couple build versions.  This is because the AccuRender platform is a direct release from Roy and generally his  development platform.

We do supply the plant editor and materials can be used in both products.  But, you cannot convert DWG files to 3DM files and get all the rendering information to come across also.  

Does this lead to more questions?

Hi there.

Some of my clients work only in ACAd, we prefer Rhino and all of the avaible Render plugin-Ins ( Brazil, vray, Flamingonxt, maxwell, and so on).

Our Client whish to get accurender if he gets the possibility to work with our nxt-files.

What about Accurendernxt and flamningonxt transmission?.

Are we able to share all of our settings ( enviroments, hdri, cam, ect )and mats(jpg, decals in the transport-files) to our clients, so that they are able to load our exported dwg`s and they are getting the same result in final render?

RH 5 to ACAD 14

Best whishes


marblepeak design Aachen

No, sorry, the dwg output in Rhino does not include Flamingo information.  It may be possible to do in the future if there's more interest in it.



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