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Hi there, 

Just after some thoughts, I have been running the commercial nXt with Bongo, some models run fine others run dead slow. Has anyone else had the same problem, really frustrated.

Ran the model, quite a long sequence, not a problem (large model 250mb plus), 750 frames, 6 passes, 8 hours. I have just used the same model but animating a different part, 300 frames, only 2 passes 12 plus hours.  I have even deleted whole section of the model so only 98mb to see if that will help.

I was unsure if it was nXt, Bongo or R5, so when this happened before some point last week, I ran the slow sequence with Rhino Render and it was fine. Based on that you can say the bottle neck was not Bongo, or R5 and relates to nXt.

Sadly I can't share the model, I know that does not help, hence thoughts and advice would be appreciated.

Running on 64 bit Windows 7, not the most powerful but works with the last model.

Thanks M

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It is hard to tell.  I would render an scene from the middle of the animation and see if one image is slow.  There are a number of things that can affect performance, but we would need to look at a specific scene to figure out what that is.

I appreciate that, it is just the same file, worked really, then come back, few changes and bingo, it is like driving with the handbrake on.

Once it is finished I will strip it down to see what is happening, any tests could I do? I don't want to mess around with it mid progress.

Thanks M



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