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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

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You may notice that new threads cannot be created on this forum.  To participate in the new discussions please go here:

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Over the last few months we have been collecting all the support forums to a new forum engine, discourse.  It is time to now move the Flamingo forum. Flamingo is one of the last forums to move.  We will keep this Flamingo forum open to replies for a time, but will then archive it for search only.

At that time we will integrate the new forums into this website.

Please use the new forum for any new questions.  

If you have trouble getting on the new forum, please email tech@mcneel.com. 

TO download the most current Work in progress of the new Flamingo NXT for Rhino 5, go to the Download Page.

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Hallo Scott,

it is possible, and eventually how, using Rhino 5 + Flamingo nxt extract OBJ + MTL + associated JPG to use on augmented reality apps?

Thanks for the answer, Chico

Hello Scott,

We are Grupo Arestora, consultora de recursos humanos we are looking for Flamingo nXt experts, to develop a project with 3D models, for one of our clients.

If anyone is interested please make the register on our job portal: http://grupoarestora.com/empleo




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