Flamingo nXt

easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Can we please know the status of flamingo nxt for MAC version rhino??????

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It's still in the planning stages.  It will not be part of the initial Rhino release for the Mac.  It's possible it will occur during the V6 time frame, but no definite plans yet.

The nXt Studio product could be more easily ported and could come out a lot sooner if there is demand.

Hi Roy, thanks for the info. I am desperately waiting for a mac version!!


Though FlamingoNxT runs fine under Parallels V8+Win7 [64]; but my Sail Yacht model becomes so huge ... 500 MB 3Dm file; and when rendering with deck hardware consumes 10GB of RAM assigned to //+Win7


MacPro 3,3Ghz; 12 cores; 16GB Ram OSX 10.9.2

with Parallels v8+Win7[64] 8 cores and 10Gb assigned. Rhino v5[64]+Orca+TSplines+NxT.

I still prefer working under Parallels than in a Bootcamp working session.

As if now Parallels is the Best!!!!  But i like the overall feel of mac ver rhino, and hence the craving for mac flamingo.. all of it is so smooth.... i wonder how flamingo will run on mac version!... 

Are you using a commercial texture map for the decking?  If so, these are sometimes very high-res and can consume lots of memory.  These high-res versions can often be down-sampled in Photoshop without sacrificing any quality.

I put up a petition to see how much interest there is.


Sign if you want nXt for OSX

Hi Roy,

I thought there would be massive demand to release a OS X version ASAP. I am disappointed that there seems to be only a few of us. But please could you port nXt Studio for us. Even a rudimentary version would be really helpful so we can keep our work flow on the MAC OS and avoid switching back and forth.



Hi Roy,

How could we persuade you to start porting nXt Studio? Demand is hard to quantify. I think it is more of an "if you build it ..." situation.


Can someone please give advice on the best MAC alternative to nXt while we wait, and wait, and wait ... I now have a huge partition on my mac solely devoted to nXt rendering. It is the absolute last thing I cannot do on the MAC. I am buying a new computer next month and would prefer not to buy another copy of Windows.


if u want to do professional renderings on next, i suggest u buy a windows pc or use parallel desktop i.e. if you have a heavy running machine(MAC), SINCE its not sure as in when the nxt for mac will be released.. from the looks of it i don't think it will happen any time sooner!!

Thanks for the reply. I put up a petition to see how much interest there is. Please sign if you are interested.





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