Flamingo nXt

easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Flamingo NXT Beta 21 is now avalable to download.




Improvements we added to this build include:

  • Assigned lighting channels now match output channels in NXTImages.
  • Advanced Background properly sets Reflective, Refractive and Visible channels.
  • HDRI backgrounds render in all Farm setups.
  • Depth of Field works properly in the Farm.
  • Procedural materials work on the Farm.
  • Materials save properly when using basic materials.
  • Many bug fixes to help stability.
  • Light Manager UI presentation more consistent.
  • The visibility property on lights is fixed.
  • Sun and Sky settings and location save in the model.
  • Cylindrical mapping coordinates fixed.
  • Continuing to localize more of the interface.
  • When assigning materials to a groundplane, the interface now includes a library browser and a new material buttons.
  • Exporting and importing materials by drag and drop supports multiple selection.
  • Exported blocks contain only the materials assigned to that block.
  • Objects within blocks on hidden layers do not render.
  • Nested block definitions keep the correct material assignment.
  • Alpha Channel saves clear in final images. Some paint programs may interpret this as black.
  • Multiple renderings can be started and saved while working in Rhino.
  • Planar Background image controls now work in the correct direction, not mirrored.
  • Performance improvements when searching for materials and textures.
  • Blend and texture locked aspect ratio saved in material definitions.
  • Material drag and drop works in V5.
  • Procedural materials have added both X and Y scale.

Any feedback on this build is welcomed.


- Scott

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