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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Windows 10 brings with it direct X 12.  Apparently this new API offers some exciting graphics performance.  Do you foresee Flamingo 3D taking advantage of this scenario?  Having installed W 10 a few weeks ago, my curiosity is heightened.  With Regards, Rob Ladd

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Not Flamingo per se (jumping on the GPU bandwagon is difficult and full of problems for the current product.)  Rhino itself certainly might-- I can find out the extent of the planned Direct X support.

I realize that Flamingo is CPU intensive; my system always sees all six cores at 100% when rendering as I mostly render large files.  It was my hope that the environment created by direct x 12 would accelerate the situation somewhat at getting a free download of Windows 10 is far cheaper than upgrading an I7 3930 to an I7 5960 with a new MB, ram, yikes!  I'm sticking with that which I have but might upgrade to a new graphics cards when prices get down from the $700+ edge of the fiscal cliff...cheers, Rob and many thanks.  And, wouldn't it be nice to simply and quietly slither out to the middle of the pond for a glass of wine on the attached and forget all the digital confusion for at least an hour?




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