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is it just me or the plants library has been removed from this latest version. When I try to insert a plant, it opens to browse on my desktop. Where are the libraries located?

Also, what is going on here? I tried rendering a scene with sunlight, sky set at auto and ambient at exterior. Everything else is off. Why all the extra shadows???


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So i've figured out my shadowing problem: render longer.

My plants issue is still on though.

Hi Nietsen

Your plants are located in  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Datos de programa\McNeel\Flamingo nXt\Language Packs\en-US\Plants\

OK we have

This message sure got truncated. I like the direction the new plants are going in but there is a lack of variety and I want to do a winter scene. How do you turn the leaves off globally. I don't want to have to edit each plant type for one shot. I will be trying to edit the plants anyway, the foliage color is usually too green and the blue spruce is too blue and the bark is too light. Are we going to see more plants added to the library?

I am still looking for an expanded plant library. Is it coming or do I have to make my own - in my spare time? Just thought I'd do an annual check on this...



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