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Flamingo mesh creation query, and odd shadows with exterior lighting query

Afternoon, couple of queries please:

I'm rendering an animation using Flamingo nXt latest beta and Bongo 2 beta 6. It's  quite a large model (about 330 MB) so I have used the file I'm rendering from simply as a container, and inserted blocks (which are linked) of the various parts.

For the first frame of the animation, Rhino spends some time creating meshes (but only on the first frame), but then also spends time creating Flamingo meshes and it does this for each frame - this flamingo mesh creation is taking 10-20% of the render time for each frame, so I wondered if there was a way to do this all at the start to cut down render times please? Would having the blocks exploded help? Would using the Rhino version of XRefing work?

Also, am wondering if anyone else has had this odd shadow problem occur and know of a cure please? Attached are two images from the same animation. It doesn't happen with smaller models and shorter animations (this one is currently 750 frames, I've tested on a smaller model at 100 frames with no problems). The shadow moves across the model left to right - look on the left side of the attached images where indicated Animation_Holder_02_248.PNG Animation_Holder_02_258.PNG. You can estimate the position of the sun from the ship shadow and lights shadows, I don't think it's the sun. Could it be something as simple as the HDRI used by the default exterior daylight setting? If so, can you suggest a suitable HDRI to use instead? Hope you can help,

Many thanks,



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Jonnie -

I did not see the example images in this thread.  Could you attach them again?


Hello Scott

They should come up if you click on the deep red filenames in the text, which are links (I clicked on the paperclip icon at the top of the page when writing), but I've just seen the 'upload files' option at the bottom of the page, so will re-attach if you can't click on them (just changed computers so can't get to them just now).








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