Flamingo nXt

easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

To get the build, go to the Download Page....

After downloading, you will be emailed a Cd-key to install. This build addresses many problems discussed in the forum:

Material mapping widgets improved

  • Fixed the size of the widget to object plus 10%.
  • Mapping widgets now rotate in the x, y and z axis of the object.
  • Ortho modes are now correct.
  • If I initially place a mapping widget on an object, it asks first for origin, then X-Axis and Y-Axis. Now after selecting an origin you can use the enter key to get a default mapping.
  • Removed the midpoints from the planar and box widget.
  • In edit mode hit escape. The widget will return to original placement and still in edit mode. Current behavior will exit out of the mapping widget all together. A second escape should be used to get out of the widget all together.
  • Unexpected flipping of 180 degrees has been fixed.
  • When placing a cylindrical map. After the origin pick, the cylinder drags around the on the XY plane properly, but shows the white circle from the wrong plane. The first white rotation circle should match the plane of the cylinder base.
  • Now the center point of the tracking circle is used as the base point instead of the control point selected when editing the X, Y or Z axis control points in the mapping widgets. This will help with cursor tracking.
  • The object properties/Flamingo nXt mapping assignment is correct when selecting an object with no mapping data and then one with mapping set to something other than default.

Light Object fixes

  • Editing Flamingo nXt specific light properties on native Rhino lights works correctly.
  • The assigned IES file does appears in the Object Properties/Light panel.
  • Crash when building the bounding box in the light mesh display has been fixed.
  • Rectangular light properties distribution is set to “Diffuse”
  • This command was more accurately ExtractLightMeshes and is not really needed anymore so I removed the “FlamingoNXtLightMeshes” command and the ”“Show light meshes” menu item. The Flamingo light display conduit has been updated to show standard light render meshes as well as lights for objects tagged as lights.

Sun and Sky properties:

  • The Azimuth and Altitude change when a new location is picked on the map, the graphic controls now also update.
  • The Earth map does not shrink incorrectly when the sun page height is shortened.
  • The Control Panel/Lighting/Sun tab scrolls vertically correctly. The bottom three controls are visible when the scroll bar appears.
  • Control panel/Environment: Click the “Angles from view” button, the cone in the dialog is pointed to the correct direction.
  • When Sky is set to Auto on the advanced page, clicking the Sky button jumps to the Sky page instead of the Sun page.


  • Created SandCastle help file and Web page generator project and created initial SDK help files.
  • Added Python and C# SDK examples and linked them to SDK help file items
  • Spent a couple of days adding RhinoScript wrappers for the Flamingo nXt SDK and generated a script example to test every method, in the process identified and fixed a couple of SDK bugs.

The copy button and menu items located in the render output window gets enabled and disabled at the correct time.

Flamingo nXt shortcuts are getting added to the Windows Start Menu by the 64-bit and 32-bit installer.

When I add the second batch job, the output file name is fixed.

I added a check for duplicate output file names when you poke the “Render Batch Locally” in the “Batch Render” dialog.

Added null check to fix null reference exception in the Post Process/Glare Properties form.

Looks like the Control Panel/Environment/Image/Planar placement control now works at scales is greater than 1.

Fixed a a few crash bugs.

The pick area button in the Post Process/Fog Properties dialog returned the wrong value

Modified the Flamingo nxt language pack installers to remove previous versions when new versions are installed.

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Hi Scott,

I just downloaded it and had Chrome bogusly(I presume)label it as possibly "malicious."

That's not exclusive to Chrome. IE9 has been flagging this for as long as I can remember. I'd presume once this makes it out of beta, there'll be the proper security certificates worked up to put the browsers at ease.





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