Flamingo nXt

easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

To get the build, go to the Download Page....


After downloading, you will be emailed a Cd-key to install. This build addresses many problems discussed in the forum:
  • Added a number of error messages to help determine why some people cannot save bitmaps.
  • Put a fix in the Open code to repair models that have corrupt Material tables. This can lead to symptoms such as rendering of an incorrect material, editing a material shows a different material in the list and assigned materials do not show up.
  • Change to background color of the Properties/Light/Color button to gray when disabling the button so it is more apparent that the button has been disabled.
  • Fixed: The Rhino Main Frame window was getting locked when resuming rendering regardless of the “Allow modeling while rendering” setting.
  • Spent a day reworking the way the image preview buttons worked when handling 32-bit bitmaps with transparent backgrounds. They seem to work much better now and the previews show something in the top level UI.
  • Picking a rectangle on the rendered image from the Fog Post Process form would cause Rhino to lose focus activating some other application window making it impossible to select the rectangle on the image.
  • (Advanced Material Editor, Tile tab) Lock Tile or unlock Joint, click OK, then return to this dialog. Tile is always unlocked while the Joint is always locked.
  • Added new error messages to help find the "Cannot save bitmap" Error
  • Worked to fix Rhino 4 and 5 models that have errors in the Material Table. Symptoms include rendering a different material then is assigned or getting a different material to edit.
  • Post process item name dialog cropping top of text on buttons.
  • Fixed an Unhandled exception crash when clearing bitmap cache.
  • The fog boundaries do not work correctly. The Top, Bottom, Left and right are 0- 1.0 percentage, not pixels on the screen. When I use the pick area selection, I get pixels entered into the edit boxes. We need to change that to have percentages. Also, the top and bottom do not see to work right. Although if I hand ender percentages in the left and tight they do work right.
  • Plus, I don't see this pass constraint is really working when I run Rhino's RecordAnimation command.
  • The Advanced Material Editor, tile tab now remembers the lock state of the tile and joint lock controls for between edits for a single Rhino session.
  • HDR Select file now works in all cases
  • Spotlight update in the control panel channel.
  • Able to use the scroll controls for numeric controls when embedded in editable lists like the watts control in the light browser.
  • The “Edit Placement” button, in the “Object Properties/Flamingo nXt” tab, should be grayed out initially. Also the “Orientation” button should say “Edit Placement”. (The Orientation and Edit Placement buttons do the same thing. They shouldn't have two different names.)

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