Flamingo nXt

easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

To get the build, go to the Download Page....


After downloading, you will be emailed a Cd-key to install. This build addresses many problems discussed in the forum:
  • Worked on fixes for missing materials and material assignments. The fixes require a few steps to the models having trouble with materials. It seems there are a few Rhino 5 versions that messed up the Materials and layer list in a document. We may have found a solution you can try:
  1. Open the model with the material problems.
  2. Run the command "TestFixV5AutoMaterialsProblem". It needs to be typed in.
  3. Save the model
  4. Re-open the model

  • Overhauled the installers check for installed Rhino versions code rewording the error messages to make them more useful. The installer now also verifies that a Rhino4.exe file actually exists in the folder the registry claims Rhino is installed in.
  • FlamingoNXTAutomateRender has been modified adding an On/Off check box. This helps NXT support Bongo to animate rendering to the farm. Simply select farm in the AutomateRender dialog and turn it on prior to running the Bongo render animation.
  • Path Tracer has been significantly rewritten with respect to daylighting, particularly for interiors. Hopefully we get faster convergence (per pass times may be a little slower.
  • Post process dialogs stay now visible after point it picked on image.
  • Material name and color are always correct in the layer control after a save.
  • Added missing “Use document settings” check box text to the Batch Render Properties dialog.
  • Fixed: The “Properties/Flamingo nXt Light/Use object color” option. Changed the control text to “Use render material color”
  • Fixed: Changing the lighting distribution in the “Properties/Flamingo nXt Light” to spot then rotating an object tagged as a light does not update the light preview display.
  • Make sure the render display bitmap updates when the final image is generated when a rendering is stopped; it was using the original display bitmap when resuming a render.
  • Changed “Options/Flamingo nXt/Modal rendering” check box to “Allow modeling while rendering” When checked you can model during rendering or when pressing the resume render button. When not checked the render command will run until the rendering is stopped and you will not be able to model while rendering.
  • Added platform to CAB files generated by the installers so the x86 and x64 cab files can be placed in the same folder on the CD.
  • FlamingoNXtEditPlant works when selecting an object tagged as a plant. FlamingoNXtEditPlant would always display the original, external plant file in the editor and not the previously modified, embedded, version.
  • Inserting legacy Flamingo 2.0 plants will now always generate a wire frame mesh instead of point cloud.
  • Added the new SDK DLL to the installer so it is available in new builds.
  • Added plant methods to SDK which include:
    • ModalFlamingo2PlantBrowser - Display modal, Flamingo 2.0 legacy plant browser library.
    • GetFlamingo2PlantWireframe - Returns a list of lines which represent the wireframe version of a Flamingo 2.0 plant.
    • GetPlantFileName - Displays a file open dialog box prompting for an ArPlant or ArGroundcover plant file.
    • GetPlantPointCloud - Returns a point list which represents the point cloud representation of the plant.
    • TagObjectAsPlant - Provides the ability to tag an object as a normal plant or groundcover or optimally as a Flamingo 2.0 plant.
    • PlantFromObject - Gets plant data from a plant object or object tagged as a plant.
    • ModifyPlantObject - Modify the Flamingo nXt plant XML definition associated with an object.
    • SetPlantSeason - Set the plant season for specified object.
    • PlantFileNameIsGroundcover - Determine if a Flamingo nXt plant file name is ground cover.
    • Hooked up material mapping SDK methods.
    • Modified the sample Rhino Common Flamingo SDK example plug-in and forwarded it to Albert.
    • Added comment headers to all of the SDK methods and properties.
  • Fixed a potential crash when adding material preview images to the material browser.
  • Control panel/Environment/HDR background, the bottom pixel of the bottom combo box was getting cut off and the sun and sky channel control widths were stretching with the dialog.
  • Material preview control now generating the correct image initially when the transparency is non zero
  • Added large output image warning when adjusting the render resolution in the control panel.
  • Fixed post process image point picking bugs.
  • Finished the new image oration widget and hooked it up in the HDR and image dialogs.
  • Control Panel > Environment Tab, the top of “Ground plane” and “Background” separators are cut-off in V4 and V5.
  • Background Color, 3-Color Gradient - Not calculating height when form initially opened, works fine when changing the type after the form has been displayed.
  • The lighting channels sliders in the render window controls are unnecessarily hard to read- yes you can figure it out quickly enough but that should not be needed- the channel number should be more clearly associated to a slider.
  • Completely rearranged the pane removing the separators and moving the channel number to the left of the track bar.
  • The light widget doesn't rotate with the tagged object before being aimed. This happens on Diffuse and Spot.
  • Modified the Render Output windows' “Adjust” and “Information” panes so controls would align properly on Asian language systems.
  • The Render output window control panels width was messed up when scroll bar is visible.
  • The top of the material list control was getting cut off in the modal material browser when in list view mode.
  • Turning the display light widget display on in a model with many objects causes the display performance to degrade. This has to do with the way per object drawing is handled in the .NET wrapper; I modified the Flamingo nXt conduit to work around the problem so it no longer slows the display down. I turned the conduit back on by default now.
  • Moved the Post Process/DOF pick button next to the “Focal distance” number control
  • Plant editor sometimes comes up behind the Rhino window and you can't tell
  • Editing plants causes rogue point cloud points to be generated near 0,0. This is now fixed.
  • Pick point in output render window error message not localized.

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I downloaded this beta few hours ago and still haven´t recieved any cd-key?


Janne - 

Did you download the 32-bit or the 64-bit?


I sent a CD-key to you in your email.  Sometimes the automated system fails.



I  downloaded the 64bit version yesterday but have not recieved a key  please can you send one

Hi Scott:  Are the above the latest release notes for the 20120113 build?



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