Flamingo nXt

easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Flamingo NXT Beta 25 is now avalable to download.




New updates in this build include:

  • Adjusting image when render is complete was broken,this is now fixed.
  • Hooking up Lock Tone Operator control in the Image Adjustment pane
  • Fixed bug with ground plane not using the default material when turned on but unassigned.
  • Fixed soft shadowing on spotlights. Light radius was hardwired to 1/2 the cone radius and the value specified in the properties dialog was being ignored
  • Changed number of decimal places and change increment in numeric controls in the image adjustment pane
  • Added option to light browser to let you select objects in scene then have the light browser select the corresponding items.
  • Removed JPEG option from Save Bitmap file dialog when saving 32 bit images since JPEG does not support alpha channel.
  • Added utility method for saving bitmaps, special cases JPEG images setting the quality level to 90, users were complaining the .NET default compression was too high.
  • Fixed a few memory leaks
  • Converted render display image to use less overall memory
  • Crash protected a few places in the meshing code
  • Fixed: The indirect lighting method that is named “On” should be named “Interior”. The other method named “Gather” should be named “Exterior”.
  • Fixed: The “Sun” only tab has the Sky intensity and the Sky channel on it. It should not. There is a “Sun and Sky” tab that should have these controls and currently does.
  • Removed “Sun channel” control from the Lighting/HDR (sky) tab.
  • Added “Planar HDRI” to Environment tab background options
  • Added blurriness controls to the transparency tab in the Advanced Material Editor.
  • Fixed: When changing the background type in the Environment tab the background controls bellow the intensity should change to reflect editing the current background type.
  • Fixed: The ground plane controls in the environment tab, do not update when opening a model.
  • Light browser context menu was not getting initialized properly before displaying
  • Added lock aspect ratio control to the Control Panel, Render tab when specifying custom width and height.
  • Fixed localisation bugs.
  • Fixed crash bugs.
  • Tuned up material editor tree control to display information about the parent branch when adding branches to the material tree.
  • Modified the Flamingo numeric control to select the contents when tabbed into
  • Tuned up the Advanced Material/Texture/Properties/Advanced page
  • Added Planar HDRI page to the Control Panel/Background
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs with the existing Control Panel/Background controls, they were not updating when a new model was created or opened
  • Changed default intensity values for lighting presets, HDRI is 20 all others are 1
  • Added a ”>” button to the light browser to display properties in an attempt to make the properties option more discoverable.
  • Made a bunch of fixes and clean up in the Background/Image control

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Thanks for all of these fixes!

A few questions:

1. Are the settings in the lighting, environment, and render tabs of the control panel supposed to save with the 3dm file? They do not in the March 1 or Mar 10 64bit Rhino5.

2. What default intensity value for HDRI and others got changed? The multiplier in the realtime channels pane is still 5. Is the underlying scale now different by a factor of 20?

3. Render constraints and adjust image settings are sticky, but the channels settings aren't. Maybe an option to keep each of those sticky or not? And if the values aren't at default, that pane should be expanded (or highlighted/blinking) when the next render is launched.



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