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Hi, i´m trying to use the render-farm of flamingo  within the animated views of Bongo and when i send my render to the farm it look that works great but the final image its a black image with "render farm" image on the center. Any sugestions? 


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As odd as this sounds, it's actually correct.

(It's also creating XXXXX.nxtjob files in the background, which the farm will then churn through).

Since I struggled with making this work, here's a quick writeup!

(standard setup for render farm applies)

1) Setup your animation in Bongo

2) Command "FlamingoNXtAutomateRender" > Enter.

   - Tick "Enable"

   - Change Radio button to "Render to farm"

   - Specify job name and passes

   - Press OK

3) Command "BongoRenderAnimation"

   - Set the constraints as you will

   - UNTICK "Overwrite existing files"

   -(side note: a PNG sequence is probably best here)

   - Press "Render Animation"

4) Your machine will now render a bunch of full size images that look like ClipArt saying the word "Farm" (as above). This is normal. It is also writing out the NXT job files to the farm directory. If machines are active on the farm, they should pick up these jobs.

5) Once the jobs are finished, they will ignore the output path you specified and simply put themselves into a subfolder of the job called "outputs". For individual frames, you're going to end up with 1 folder and 1 subfolder for each frame. I suggest you use a *.png search, or a program like Adobe Bridge to see through this structure and pull the rendered files out.

-Other than that, it's pretty straightforwards.




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