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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

How can I make this bauble more festive? Trying to do my christmas cards, hoping to wrap our family names around each one which works. Just making it a bit more special!

Thanks Mash

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I think your image has a lot of potential.  Perhaps you can take a look at using the Path Tracer engine.

I added a blend material to create some decoration on the ornament.  The sparkles are wrinkle and sand texture added.

Then added a background and a different HDRI environment.


Wonderful improvements, can you attach the 3D file to see how you have done it ?



See if this works.  I used various HDI files.  The Beach HDRI for the simple rendering.  The RDJ Table top off Food4Rhino for the wood table version. 

http://files.na.mcneel.com/flamingo/nxt/samples/en/XMas Ball2014.zip

Thank you Scott, It works indeed.




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