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When I try to change light wattage to adjust scene lighting, it does not work as expected. I try to change the lighting levels with the channels but there is no change until I set the multiplier to 1x and turn the level to just above zero.  There is a very small range of adjustment.  It goes from full light to zero light withing about 5% of the slider movement.  Am I doing something wrong?  Very frustrated.  I would expect the lighting level to change across the entire range of the lighting channel slider.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.


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There are a few issues to look at here:

  1. Normally in studio mode, there is an HDRI environment and the lights you inserted.  If the HDRI is not calibrated, it is possible that the lights are not bright enough and will not be effective against the HDRI file. Using the multiplier on the channel can help make the light more or less sensitive in the channel slider.
  2. The sun on can also make lights quite dim. Using a multiplier on the lights in this case also may be required.
  3. If you are looking to make the image more or less bright overall, do not use channels, but use the Adjust image >  Brightness control.

If you render the image, save if as a Native NXTimage fiel, then send it to me, I can look a the lighting values in the channels and see what is going on.

Thanks Scott,

I will take this info and revisit my efforts and if I am still having problems, I will send some files for you to look at. 


What does the wattage adjustment do then? 

Thanks, George

Wattage adjustment will control the strength of the lights. Where it is most usefule is to set lights relative to each other.  So, a 50 watt will be half as bright as a 100 watt.  So, normally we will set the wattage to what you might use in a real situation.

Were is gets confusing is try to balance the lights with an HDRI.  It is not easy to tell how bright an HDRI is.  Some HDRIs are calibrated to actual lighting values, many others are not and the lighting values in them are relatively correct but they are not real world values. In some cases an HDRI may be super strong and overwhelm the lights, in other cases the HDRI may not even make a dent in the lighting.  It is because of this we will but the HDRI on a channels nd multiple the values of the image to make it look correct.

I have a scene with only 2 point lights. I have all other lights turned off. When I adjust the Watts on one of the lights nothing happens. If I set one light to 50 watts shouldn't it be half as bright as the 100 watt light?



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