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Hello Scott,

Are there any tutorials on placing a decal on a tv or cpu monitor and keeping the display bright while dimming the room lights?  Trying to make a night time atmosphere with just the tv on and one back ground light real low in a room at night with no windows.Thank you in advance.

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This is the only tutorial I have for this.  

1) Start with a model, where the screen of the TV is a surface.

2) Assign a decal to the screen using 3-point planar.

3) Then I tag the screen as a light source.  I highlighted the Tag button in yellow.  You can see I set the brightness to 100.  The brightness is not critical at this time.  Also, I set the channel of the Screen to 3.  This is its own channel I will use to edit the brightness later.

4) Next we need the TV to use the colors of the decal to project light.  To do this I select the screen and go to object properties.  In the Light properties on the object I check the Use Material Color property.

5) Now we render.  Let the rendering go for a few passes.  Do not get to caught up in the brightness yet.  Here is the default I got:

6) After stopping the rendering I go to adjust the image.  In this case I increased the channel strength on 3.  This makes the TV screen brighter.  Then I dropped the strength of channel 0,1,and 2.  You can experiment with this.  I found that the room overall was too bright, so I use the Brightness under Adjust image to drop down the brightness a bit.  You will see this makes the TV look as if it is lighting the room. There is an infinite amount of adjustment you can make here.

7) Then I save out the image to get this:

Does this help?

Thank you so much Scott, I will give it a try.


thanks scot



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