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First, is the displacement working properly in the latest "Demo" release? It doesn't appear to work correctly for Me,  if I check the reverse box it indeed reverses with a noticeable displacement but if I uncheck reverse it reverts back to a "flat" image. this is true if it displaces normally then checking reverse results in a flat not reversed displacement. and of course it is always displacing opposite of what I need.

I am noticing very little if any effects with Bumps.

Multiple maps don't appear to be lining up correctly, in "some" early passes they appear razor sharp  but subsequent passes they look blurry as though the maps have shifted 1 pixel off.

If these aren't known issues then it must be something I'm doing wrong. Any thoughts?

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We do not know about these issues. Can you send us a model as example.  The materials will travel with the 3DM file.  I will take a look.

Bumps can have values higher then 1.  Here is a sample of bumps at 3 and -3.

The texture I used is here:



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