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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

I've modeled some panels and gave them a nice aluminum look.

I've modeled a border around the panel, on the same level as the panel.

I want the border to lay deeper than the panel, so that I get a nice shadow. I would not like to model the border deeper than the panel, but thought it could be fixed by texturing the strips with a solid displacement map and set the height a few millimeters. Is this true, because the displacement material isn't doing anything in my material editor. I only see the sphere getting cubed, but I don't see the displacement. 

Kind regards, Jan Willem

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Jan -

Displacement maps can be a little tricky.

The dispacement map for this looks like this:

The dark color is lower and the white areas is the maximum height. Facet size and height settings are in mm.  The trick is to use a small enough facet size to see the texture.   

Displacements can be very slow in a rendering, so use them sparingly.

Scot, thank you kindly for your reply.

I'm trying to make a material with a displacement map, but I can't get it to work, although I tried very small numbers.

Could you provide me a material with a displacement map connected to it, so I can study and see the settings? 

kind regards, Jan Willem

Here is a sample using a texture very similar to yours:

THe key is to know how large the model is in real units.  Then you can set the displascement sizes properly.  I notice in your example the Bitmap width and height are huge (300 x 300) and the Displacement height is much smaller (0.020 and 0.120)  This could be a problem.  With such a small height you may not see it.  Or if the object is small the large bitmap tile size will not allow the stripes to show up.

I have attached an example file.


Thank you very much Scott. This will help me a lot!



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