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I have downloaded the Flamingo nXt, new build and received the CD key but everything stops at the point of the installer determining my disc space requirements. Can you help me with this thank you.

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That check for disk space can take a long time.  I would look for external drives, plash drives and networks drives.  For some reason the MSI installer will crawl out there to inspect drive space.  Can you remove any of those drives from the system easily?
We are going to try and improve this part of the installer.

While we're on this topic, I've noticed that the moment the installer makes the "NEXT" button available following the "check for disk space" ...that it's not REALLY ready. Numerous times in past installs of beta releases, if I jumped on the available "NEXT" button, it'd pop up a warning telling me it's not done checking.


I've since learned to not trust the button state and watch my hard drive activity light quiet down before hitting the button. Not crucial stuff in the least, but figured it needed pointing out in case others got hung up on this.

Yes, we are talking about this right now.  The installer tells us it is finished, but it is not.  WE are trying to decide what to do.
The same problem......
What to do?
Who in the answer?

Until we get this updated, the best thing to do is wait.  I have seen this last up to 10 minutes.


Do you have any portable drives on the machine that can be removed, or large network drives?  Can you unplug the network cable for the install?



You mean the Internet?

No, internet should be OK, unless you are using an online storage such as Dropbox.


Do you have a network storage drive?


See if this helps:


Flamingo NXT Determining Disk Space Requirements Never Completes


When installing Flamingo NXT, a message appears that says “please wait while the installer finishes determining your disk space requirements”. This dialog box never disappears.

The Windows Installer engine tries to determine if there is enough disk space on all your drives to install Flamingo. For some reason, this process takes a very long time, or never completes. The real cause is buried somewhere in Microsoft's Windows Installer engine.

Run the installer from the command prompt:

msiexec /i nXt10_en-us_WIP_x86_20110824.msi /qr




msiexec /i nXt10_en-us_WIP_x64_20110824.msi /qr


Depending if you have 32 or 64 bit installers.  


This is not a permanent solution, I am just trying to see if this fixes the problem.




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