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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

I am trying out Flamingo and I am looking at taking a model and applying dirt and grime to it. short of unwrapping everything, rendering, edit, and apply as a layer is there anything that can be done using just materials?

Here is what I have so far:



A lot of this was using angle bends, I was wondering if there is something that can be done for lower areas as all I got was the highlights. Maybe I am just not thinking about it correctly.

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Dan -

You weathered version is a good start.  If you want to have grime get in the edges of the objects you may need to create a strip decal, then grime up the decal with Photoshop.

Have you done work with Dirt and grime in the past?

There is an interesting Rusted Metal under Metals you might look at.

I have done some in the past. The last time I really needed to do it to a complex model was when I had a plugin for 3DSMax that did a lot of the heavy lifting for me. There was also a plugin that allowed 3D painting on the model which came in handy from time to time too. I was trying to avoid having to to do a Photoshop route if I could avoid it as the model is very complex this time. :) 

This an older render, but it give you an idea...

You can see the amount of panel line details that are there already. Actually the Rusted Metal one I looked at and took some ideas from it for the restraining bolt weathering in my first post on the flat sections. The ridge area was blends (regular and able to get the highlights and wear. Goo for still images, but no animated though. I am still going through some of the other materials to see what else is there.

Dan -

I do not know how to 3d-paint in Rhino.

Rhino 5 has some wrap and un-wrap code for material mapping.  With this you may be able to set a material up to wrap only once around the object.  Then use the Color, dump and reflection maps to simulate the surface qualities you need.

Set Flamingo NXT mapping to Surface.  Then set the Rhino 5 mapping to whatever you need.

The 3D painting was in 3d Studio Max... 

I will try a test render and see how it goes. Thanks for the suggestions.

Here is an quick model I put together.  It uses a layer for Bump and a color layer for grime.  It is quite rough at this point, but I think it might be a start.



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