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Decal won't render on surface perpendicular to it.

In Flamingo 2.0, the decals used to render fine as planar projection even when the object was perpendicular to the decal direction.

I use a big decal to do the paint scheme, logos, etc on the hull of my ships by projecting it perpendicular to the CL of the ship, one for starboard and a mirrored one for port.  The transom is therefore parallel to the direction of the decal projection but like I said, it used to render fine in 2.0.

In Nxt the transom wont render so I have to rotate slightly the decal in order to show up which causes all sorts of misalignments or add an extra decal projected parallel to the transom.

Is there a way to restore this ability in nxt.   See examples.


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Anybody?   Scott?  Please ??

Hi Juan,

Thanks for this report and I see what you mean. I will file a bug now. In the meantime, if you rotate the planar projection slightly using the nxt decal properties, the surfaces on the ends will also receive the decal. 

That is what I've been doing for the wheelhouse.  For the hull I cannot do it as it creates distortions, so I add an extra map at the transom. Thanks again Brian.



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