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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

when adding this decal to any sort of surface, I get a Rhino crash.  At first I tried applying this decal to a hull surface.  That failed numerous times.  I then applied the same decal to a simple flat surface and suffered the same crash.  

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Hmmm.... Seems to work over here.  Just tried it with my Rhino 5 on a flat surface.  I right clicked on the jpg file and used the Save Link As... option to write the file locally, then applied the thing as a planar decal.  Seemed to work OK.

Don't know why, but I simply can't get this image to apply to any surface without crashing.  Chose a different image for a decal of roughly the same size with good results.  I posted a new question recently that includes a jpg of that image.   Thanks for the heads up in any case.  Everything else seems to work just fine.  Cheers, Rob

Let me know if you figure anything else out that might make this reproducible here.  Typically I can't do anything until I get something that actually crashes on my workbench.  In the meantime, a workaround might include loading the bitmap into photoshop or eq. and saving out in another format (.png probably).



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