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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Anyone else having problem with the latest build ( Beta 33 ). Here I cannot
access control panel at all. Also while going into rhino render properties I’m
getting “ Render Farm registry key is missing “ at the command line.
Somehow I suspect both are connected.

Latest Rhino WIP5 x64


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Hi Darius ...

I had the same problem after installing the latest Rhino 5 build. I got the same message ... but after trying at least 6 or 7 times the control panel finally did appear. I have no clue about why this happened or why it finally caught.  Now it is sticking and comes up each time I restart Rhino 5.



Hi Eric,
I think your Flamingo is better trained than mine. I can click here as long
as I want and nothing happens. In fact “Render Preview” and “Render
PreviewWindow” are also dead. As well as “Options” &

Another thing, when I start rendering and after few passes cancel it on 2
out of 6 occasions Flamingo crashed. What is especially annoying that while
crashing it completely messed up all my toolbars on top of the screen. I have to
say that’s my first. Since switching to WIP 5 x64, unlike in v4, I had no
problems with toolbars.

I posted a new build today that may fix this, plaese try:



Yes, I did installed the latest beta. Unfortunately it didn’t help at all.
Control Panel is still missing. Render Farm registry key is missing – message is
still there when going into rhino settings.


Good thing Beta 32 is still running. At least until Dec 15....

Hello, I am working on the problem but need a little more information.  Would it be possible to have you install the latest beta and try again.  If it does not display I need you to press the F2 key and see if there is any error information available in the command history window and post the error please.  Thank you for your patience, I appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue.

John, F2 right after opening rhino return this:
Loading T-Spline Rhino plugin (Version: 3.1 r7409 (64))
Loading Flamingo nXt Beta Version 3.1.2011.1121, Date Built 21-Nov-2011
Flamingo nXt Beta will expire on 27 Feb 2012
Command: _CommandHistory
BTW This is the third time I run installation and each time result is the
same, no control panel.


Did you try running the FlamingoNXtControlPanel Show command or selecting "Control Panel" from the "Flamingo nXt menu" after installing and starting?  I am hoping to see an error generated when attempting to display the control panel.

This is so embarrassing. How come I’ve never thought about using command line to run Flamingo....?
Well after you mentioned it I did try and I did open control panel. No error
message though.
“Loading T-Spline Rhino plugin (Version: 3.1 r7409 (64))
Loading Flamingo nXt Beta Version 3.1.2011.1121, Date Built 21-Nov-2011
Flamingo nXt Beta will expire on 27 Feb 2012
Flamingo nXt Control Panel <Hide> ( Show  Hide  Toggle ): Show
Command: _CommandHistory”
But with “Check for updates” I did get nxt exception. See attached.
Also “Automated Render “ returns error but closing it eventually brings uo
Configure Automated Render dialog box. Also attached.
Well at least now I can get back using nxt. Thank you.
BTW I’m not sure whether this is “normal” but on my machine all the commands
enclosed in red from the Flamingo menu are non responsive.




The Check For Updates error is because you only have the .NET 4.0 client installed which does not include the web services.  You can get the complete .NET 4.0 from Microsoft at http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=17718

The Automate render message box was terribly formatted and did not make what is going on clear at all so I changed it, please see the attached bitmap and let me know if it makes sense.  The standard Flamingo Beta installer does not install the Render Farm since it is a different product, the final installer will include the ability to optionally install the farm.

 With regards to the un responsive commands, the “Flamingo nXt Web Site”, “Check for Updates” and “Online Tutorials” menu options all require the web services mentioned above to work.  The other menu options should just run command macros to launch Flamingo commands, do you see any messages in the command history when you click on these menu options or do any message boxes appear?  The “Control Panel” menu option is simply suppose to run the macro I sent you earlier.



John, thank you for all the explanations. I’ll look into getting complete NET 4.
As far as I am concerned your new Farm message makes sense.
Non of the un-responding commands in Flamingo menu brings up any sort of message at the command line nor message boxes popping up on the screen.

Hello Darius,

Having the same problem here with the latest and previous versions of Flamingo nXt (Beta 33 and 34). However, I can access the commands I need via the command line with "FlamingoNXtControlPanel" as mentioned below by John Morse.

The error message I get when attempting to choose "Control Panel" from the drop down menu is "The Render Farm registry key is missing." At least I used to get that message. It's not showing up now. Nor is the control panel.

Rhino: Version 5.0  (5.1.2011.1122, 11/22/2011) x64
Beta SN: 4-1501-1306-100-0008860-20315

Flamingo nXt: nXt10_en-us_Beta_x64_20111121_1140.msi

Frank, I’m experiencing about the same symptoms. If you want to get your “Render Farm Registry Key Is Missing” error message at the command prompt I suggest clicking on Rhino Options button. It never fails here...:)



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