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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

i am having trouble accessing the control panel, sometimes I select it from the drop down menu and it apears, and other times it it doesn't. has anyone experienced this, if so do they have a solution

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Is this Rhino 5?  I see with the most recent Rhino 5 I am also having that trouble.

Yes the latest version of Rhino 5. it does work but not all the time I have to restart the software and then it generally will work

We will look into it.  I suspect it is something in the latest v5 build.

This is something I've observed for at least the past 4 - 6 Rhino v5 x64 builds and the last 2 - 3 Flamingo nXt builds if not more beyond that.  IOW, not just with the very latest builds.

Just to clarify the behavior I'm observing... I'd pull down the Flamingo nXt menu, select "Control Panel" and the Control Panel dialog box doesn't come up.. not that "Control Panel" disappears from the menu list. I'd 'fess that MAYBE 5% of the time, I'm working so fast that I'm mis-clicking it, but I think I've observed enough solid clicks on the menu target that it's truly not coming up. Pulling the menu down again to select it will bring it up. I don't think I've ever had to repeat the pull down a third time.

T-Splines 3.3 RC is the only other plug-in I'm using with R3Dv5x64 and nXt


I have had the same problem, it been going on for a little while, I just thought it was me.


Has there been any further information on this issue?   I can't seem to get the control panel up at all.  



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