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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

I do renders in nXt (all builds), save as .jpg, open in photoshop, copy the entire image to the clipboard and paste into a different photoshop document (.psd).


In the render window and when opening the .jpg in a viewer or in photoshop, the color of the rendered image looks fine.  When I paste the clipboard into the other document, the color is obviously not in the same color space, since everything is far redder and more saturated.


Does anyone know another way to get the contents of my render into the other document?

Does anyone know how to assure the render is saved in the Adobe RGB 1998 color space?

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


TIA  Cliff

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Cliff -


Have you noticed if you create a new document in a different space in phototshop and off the clipboard paste in the same image you get a different result?  I can see the different color spaces off the clipboard do make a difference. I am not sure there is a fix.


When you read in a file, the color space is determined, so results are more consistent.  For high quality image saving, we recommend PNG and not JPG.  You can save JPG for a final web image if you want, but PNG is non-lossy compression and therefore should work better for transferring and storing images.



Good points, Scott.  I'll give the .png route a try.


Frankly, I'm sort of lost when it comes to color space.   I just know that my camera is set for Adobe RGB 1998 and can't find anywhere in nXt to determine what color space is being used in the file/save process.



Hey Cliff,


In addition to architect I am also a professional photographer. For sundry reasons which mainly include output to printers and printing devices and web, etc. I would recommend setting your Ps color space to sRGB (Edit/Color Settings). You may end up boosting the saturation a bit in Ps but I think the results may suit you better.





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