Flamingo nXt

easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Color map of the networks (grasshopper) to Flamingo nXt?

 I need to highlight the value of x on your network assign x values of different colors, including gradients.

 I use the color gradients on the mesh in the Grasshopper. Everything OK

Render Rhino OK.

Render Flamingo NTX .... Colors are not!

All the software I have updated!

 Is there any solution to this information transfer on the Flamingo?

 (I'm going to make a 3D model of the cave and I need to somehow automatically on the model to distinguish the depth of all the parts.)

 Thank you for the help!



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Here is how I created the color mesh.  If the bug was already there ...?


Can you send us the mesh in the 3dm?

You can send a large file using this link: http://www.rhino3d.com/upload

I will pick the up from there.

Thank you for the reply! 

The file I am sending.  

It's just about the experimental terrain created from the points.

I'm sorry but even though cut mesh… not reduce file size (max of 5%) as well as at least reduces the file if the mesh down.

 I'll try the RAR. (50%) 


I am unable to download these.  Have you tried the upload link I sent?  It can take a large model without much problem.

Sent to the link

This is an OpenGl trick.  Blending colors between vertexes.  Flamingo cannot see it because it is not a material. I have been looking for a plugin like this one that would do the conversion needed:


Might this work for you?

Thank you so much for the explanation:

Only a special few used a paid plugin ....

I am hoping that it is a normal thing ....

Once again thank you and I'll search simple solution.

I did some research and there is a method to do this.  It takes many steps, but it does work.  You need to use the Meshlabs application.  It is free and can be found here: http://meshlab.sourceforge.net/

The general process is covered in this video:

Specifically in Rhino is used these options:

  1. Export mesh as WRL 2.0 (VRML)
  2. Open the WRL in Meshlab and go through the procedure to convert colors to texture.  
  3. Export the new mesh out of meshlabs using OBJ and a PNG as texture.
  4. Open the OBJ in Rhino.
  5. Then edit the default material on the mesh and add the PNG to the diffuse texture.

Flamingo should render the result.  I am seeing the texture now as a material.

It looks very interesting...

I will try as soon as possible.  

Thank you, and I believe that Your procedure will use the other user Flamingo

This is a very difficult...

Can you please clarify what it means to "go through the procedure to convert the colors it texture"

I found most similar to this text: Filters – Texture – Vertex color Texture ... ... ... ...   But this command Failure ... 

 You thought this procedure?

It works!!! My English is bad ... also because I'm so long!

Transfer of color works not only for the Flamingo, but also for export to PDF!!!! 

 Thank you very much



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