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Hey all,

Is there any way to set up a material's properties to change color with height (like a contour plot)?

I'm looking for a possible way to render froth on the top of waves. I was thinking if there was a way to change color based upon elevation then I could make the the material be white at the crests and normal water color everywhere else.



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There might be a way to do this.  How are you creating the wave height?


I've created a surface from a grid of points.


So, you could make a blend material.  Start with an advanced material.  Then right-click in the lower right box to select a blend material.  Check in the Use bitmap checkbox.  Use a bitmap that is white on the top and black on the bottom.  Then you can set one material for the white area (foam in the first branch) and one material for the black area (water in the second branch).  The tiling size should have a y height equal to the height of your waves.

Assign the material to the water. Then use a planar mapping from the front or right view.  Here you set the origin to the lower point of the waves and the upper point to the height of the waves.

The result should be a material that changes with height.  

Here is an example material with embedded bitmaps.


That's exactly the solution I was looking for.

It just adds that extra layer of realism to it.




Is there a way to change the orientation of the default mapping plane for flamingo. I would rather not have to manually change the mapping to planar and then set the plane each time I remake my water surface.



Ian -

No, there is not a way to change the default mapping.  You can speed up the mapping process.  Build a rectangle in the mapping orientation.  Then select the new object to map, and snap to the 3 corners of the rectangle using point osnap.  It should take a few seconds.


Is there a command that I can type to set up mapping, or do I have to go through the object properties tab?

I'm just trying to figure out if there is a way to automate the mapping process using a script.

thanks again.

To follow up,

Is the FlamingoNXT mapping separate from the Rhino mapping? While manually setting the mapping plane doesn't take too long for one surface it does take a while for a couple hundred. If I could use the Rhino mapping then I could write a script to automate the mapping process.

The two seem to be separate entities, but I just wanted to check.



Yes, in Rhino 4 and currently in Rhino 5, you must use the Flamingo Mapping on the Flamingo properties tab.

We plan to move to the rhino 5 mapping in the future.


I guess I'll have to wait until you guys move to the rhino 5 mapping.

Thanks again.




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