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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

I asked on Discourse, but in two days nobody replied.

My project is a computer keyboard, which I modeled to sub mm accuracy. For presentation purposes, I want to create a rendering.

How I proceeded:

  1. I used building_probe.hdr as HDRI for the sky. The idea is to get soft shadows and some fluctuation in lighting for more realism, and for making metal parts look like metal.

  2. I picked the colors from an image of the keyboad, and assigned them to plastic materials which I use for the keys and the bezels.

    The image I created by placing the keyboard upside down on a flatbed scanner.

The outcome, however, is much too bright. I noticed that I can add a white ground plane, and then things look better. However, brightness levels are very different in comparison to the scan from which I picked colors.

What is a good workflow to match lighting and materials to an existing image?

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Felix -

It is quickest to render and then use the adjust image Brightness slider to bring the material into the range you are looking for.

Thanks, Scott. In particular adjusting burn proved important. From documentation:


Adjusts the image white point. This is the brightest white color in the image. Burn can add drama, life, and sharpness to a rendering by adding more areas of white to contrast with the dark areas.

Like when post processing a digital photo, I keep an eye on the histogram.

Quite some trial and error seems to be necessary. Still, it is much less than needed with rendering software that I used in the past.



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