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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

I did not receive an email with the CD key to unlock my trial version. Can anyone help me with this? I am really psyched to test this program out!




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There was a problem with early eval downloads.  They asked for a CD-key and they should not.  If you download a new copy of the evaluation you will see that it will work.

If you have any trouble with this, please call us on tech at (206)545-6877.

Just uninstalled, downloaded a new evaluation copy, installed it and it asked me for the CD key again. Same problem.

We tried an updated version of the evaluation on the website.  Can you give that one a try?  It should be dated 4-4-2012.


We believe there might been an update problem with the previous eval and you machine.  This new evaluation is named differently, that should help with the update.

Sorry this has been such trouble.

Same problem.

Could you send me an e mail with the CD key for Win 7 64 bits?

Esteban -

Exactly what website page did you download the Evaluation version from?  Can you paste a link here?


I downloaded the Evaluation version from the same link, and I'm being asked for the CD key as well.

We just updated our evaluation versions.  Please un-install your existing Evaluations and re-install these:


It should be dated from 4/10/2012. This should work correctly for you.

It work!



I just got an email announcing flamingo NXT. It links to a page that should let me download a trial version (http://www.flamingo3d.com/eu/download/nxt/evaluation). However, that page does not exist.

Jack Bakker



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