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I have been totally impressed with Nxt, can't wait to buy... until the latest version.

I work mainly in plastics and when I need a new material I just duplicate something similar and edit. Now whenever I edit a duplicate, it changes the original and the  duplicate stays the same. No matter what I try, I end up with two identical materials. If I manage to change one, the other changes, too. Its making me crazy!

This new Flamingo is so great! But this glitch makes it unusable.Don't make me go back to Flamingo Raytrace and help me fix this please!



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Same for me. and also when I want to suppress a texture, or change a texture applied to a layer, it doesn't work, ,or the texture is not the one I selected but an other !!!! Crazy !!!!! This is a big bug !!!

This is a big bug, but it is supposed to be fixed.  If you get the latest Rhino 5 and the latest Flamingo, it should work. 

If the problem still existes, try this: Run the command "TestFixV5AutoMaterialsProblem". It needs to be typed in.  Does the commandline report any changes.

This has been a problem in the past with a few Rhino 5 builds.  The material table became corrupt.  This has been fixed in Rhino 5, but old models still have the problem.  We have been putting fixes in Flamingo to fix these old models.

Please send me any models you guys have if the problem persists.  I will have John look at them. Send them to scottd@mcneel.com



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