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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

I can't get flamingo to render a file. Keeps coming back with "call to raytracing failed, returning code 0. " does anyone knows what this means?

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32 or 64 bit system?

64 bit system

I'll need Scott to take a look at this one-- there is another thread on the message board http://nxt.flamingo3d.com/forum/topics/fault-message which seems to deal with a similar issue.  You might check that one out for ideas.

no bad objects. I am running a zeon quad with 8 gig of memory so I don't think I am running out of computer power. It was rendering for a while and then started getting this message. I am rendering a fair amount of carvings. I just checked the file size it is over 300megs.

I decided to save and restart rhino. as rhino was closing it came up with a message that my windows was out of memory and i should restart after rhino closes. I close out and restart my computer. upon trying to open my file I get a message that says that my file has unreadable start sections. Do you want to continue reading. I hit yes. My file is completely empty. nothing is in it, no curves, surfaces, materials, nothing. However I was able to rename my bak file and retreive most of my work. I am assuming I need more memory. How much more memory do i need so this won't happen again? 

Peter -

Can we look at at the file?  This might be a problem with the size of the Page file.  Do you have a limited amount of free disk space.

If you run the Analyze Pulldown > Diagnostics > Select Bad Objects.  What does the commandline report?

Can you send us the file through this form: http://www.rhino3d.com/upload

Tried the bad objects. it came back none. I can try to upload the original file, reads it has an unreadable start section now. I was able to retrieve the bakup file and have already modified this. I will try to upload. Thanks Scott.


I will also upload the recovered bakup file as well. I had to get rid of some carvings and remove all the decals from all the surfaces in order to get the file to start rendering again. I was trying to get a distressed, rubbed through finish on this bed. It is rendering for now but i cannot add the foot carvings to it. I don't know if rhino has a size limit on modeling....appreciate you looking at it.

What resolution are you rendering to?

11 x 8.5 printer high quality 



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