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Hi!!   as an long time user of rhino, I'm going to upgrade flamingo... but, I don't understand how to use a mapped bitmap in a bump channel... In fact, I did'nt find the bump channel!... also, is it a way to use a light, say a spotlight, for example, just to light up some of the objects in the scene, and not others one?

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There are two questions here. 

The bump channel can be found in the Texture properties. To make is a pure Bumpmap, set Strength (Color) to 0 and Bump to 0 to 5.

There is some information here: http://help.flamingo3d.com/en/nXt/materials/texture_properties_main...


The second part of this question is about setting lights to illuminate one object, but not another.  Flamingo NXT does not support this.  It is a feature outside the goals of NXT and tends to be in more complex renderers.



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