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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

I've noticed an issue where Blocks do not render properly. The block has weird shadows. These go away when it is exploded into a polysurface. I let both versions of the render run for 16 passes.


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Can you send me the model?  This is very interesting, I cannot get it to happen here, but I have some ideas of what it might be.


Are you running Rhino 4 or Rhino 5?


You can post it here, or email it to scottd@mcneel.com

Here's the file. I'm using Rhino4.

The Beta build 28 should have this problem fixed.
Great, Thanks. What was the issue?
Blocks that had a negative transformation matrix.  That would be blocks that are mirrored in specific ways would get completely reversed normals on the render mesh.  This essentially turned the render meshes inside out.

Still having a problem like this with the latest Build Okt. 18, 2012.

If I have less than three blocks of the same object in a scene, weird shadows occure especially on turned blocks.

See attached Images and File. I really hope for a final solution, beacause I work mostly with 2-3 Blocks to be replaced with newer versions and it not useful to hit the explode button before every Rendering...




I see the problem and will talk to John about it.

The problem seems to be from Blocks which are mirrored.  This will creates a negative transformation.  You can copy and rotate these blocks into place and will get good results.  I know this is a workaround and not a final solution.

Indeed, it seems to be from mirrored blocks.

But that is quite easy to avoid and much better than always exploding blocks.


I didn't log in for a while to write again about this subject.

The problem still exists - even with turned blocks. My workaround is to place a third copy in the scene not to be seen in the viewport. So I hope you are still woirking on this litlle but annoying problem?

Meanwhile I work with rhino 5 and flamingo, it is still the same.



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