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So I've been trying to render ocean water, but when I do there are black spots that show up on the surface. the spots only show up when I'm using a HDRi, but it doesn't matter what HDRi I use or what angle its set to.


I've created my own "ocean" material and have generated a 3D surface to represent a fully developed ocean surface. As can be seen in the attached image the dark spots seem to show up in the troughs of the waves.


While the black spots aren't really an issue with a still image, I am trying to render a movie and when I combine all the frames together the black spots flicker across the surface.


I've tried everything to make the spots go away but nothing seems to work. If any of you guys have seen this before and/or have some suggestions to solve it that would be greatly appreciated.





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Well while the 0.0 transparency method does soften the black spots significantly, the spots still show up enough to cause a distracting flicker in my videos.

I've attached a copy of a short video I made with the 0.0 transparency surface so that you can see the flickering that I am talking about. Granted the video had to be compressed so its not quite as clear as it could be, but the flickering that you see is the flickering that shows up in the high def version.


If you guys have no further suggestions then I'll probably end up having to make do with the flickering as is.


Thanks again for your help.





The water is a surface, how do you manage to animate it?


What I am thinking is that flickering could be related to mesh creation when manipulating the water surface. Different meshes on each frame.


I've written a Python script that will generate a new surface for each frame. I would have thought, however, that at 30fps the changes in the mesh would be small enough that they would blend together and not be noticable.

Maybe your right though. I'll take a look at how the surface is meshing next.



You were right, it was a problem with my surface. the render mesh quality was set to Jagged & faster. By switching to Smooth & slower the spots went away.


Thanks for the help




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