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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Any idea what causes that? I made a test render with 600x750mm "draft" quality and adjust brightness and burn until it was ok. Then I changed the draft quality to high quality and started rendering. It came out a lot brighter than that draft one.. Why´s that, size should not matter to brightness?



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I'm having the same problem here! The preview was just fine. The final render at 9000x7000 pixels came out over-exposed. It's very frustrating, because it took around 2 hours to complete (during the night, but still...)

Is this a know issue?

Regards, Erik

No open issues that I'm aware of.  The first few passes of the Standard engine can be very unstable wrt lighting.  It can sometimes take 100 passes or more for the thing to settle down-- depends on the scene.  How may passes did you let this one go?

In any case, saving the output as .nXtImage will allow you to edit the thing in the image editor and adjust the brightness, etc.. there, which may be sufficient.



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