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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

It appears as though when you send a batch render to the farm it parses the jobs out as singular renderings (not in peices as a single rendering is done).  The end product is often missing any background or groundplane, making it useless.  Is there any reason for this?  Any workaround or situations to avoid?

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Rob -

I will need to take a look at that.  You are using the Batch process dialog?

Yes there is a work around i found for this, If you render it on you're main computer, just for a few seconds (until you can see the ground plane) then cancel it, lock the exposure and then send it to the farm. The result from the farm will include the background and groundplane, why this happens i have no clue.

It makes it hard to reproduce the results i find (to post in the forum) because if you render it on your main computer and then send it to the farm the result will look identical, so you have to send it to the farm first and then render it on your main; any subsequent renders sent to the farm from that file will turn out fine.

This was happening to me a while ago when i had to do a ton of batch renders and this was the workaround i found.


Hope this helps?
(i didn't realise the ground plane was missing for quite a while, i was too busy looking at the shadows and exposure)

Yes, I go through the batch process dialog within Rhino's Flamingo menu.



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