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This might be a feature request rather than just a query - just wondering if there is somewhere to set the settings globally please?

eg, you have set up a series of views:


all to be rendered at the same (not default) resolution

for the same (not default) number of passes

to be saved with a similar filename (eg first part is fixed, like a project name, second part to be edited per image, maybe by appending the view name)

in the same (not default) file format


If possible, could you use the settings already set in the RENDER part of the nXt control box (eg number of passes, resolution, use previously used save format from this Rhino session).






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If you look under the Flamingo NXT pulldown you will see Render Batch.  There you can set a few of these options. 


There is also the render farm technology.  There you can send jobs to the farm and it will work through them as it has processor time.  It is not exctly batch processing, but may work for what you want.

Hello Scott, thanks for quick reply.

In the version of nXt I have (Jan 21 20110 - latest as far as I can tell), you can't pre-set these options - you have to set them individually for each render unless you want the defaults. Is there perhaps somewhere in the registry I can edit the defaults?

I've tried the render farm but it wasn't that easy to use (I'm not sure if it was the latest version though, and I'll give it another go in due course), and the Render Batch does what I need, it could just be a bit quicker to set up. Any chance of a few tweaks being done to it before nXt is released?





Creating another set of "default" settings in the interface is possible.  But what would happen if we were able to save the settings as you made new batch entries?  So if you set number of passes to 30, then when you hit the plus again 30 would be the default?  Resolution and file format would work the same? Would this solve the problem? 


I appreciate your input on this.

That would be great.

A 'Last Used' vs 'Default' option for passes, image size, file format would be good, like I have in my CAD program for printing, or even better the option to save the settings to a file for re-use, like you can when exporting movies from Adobe Premiere, for example - I have saved settings like 'full HD 25 fps no audio', 'half HD 25 fps no audio', etc

In this particular case, and usually with others, I need to send a set of images of a scene to a client. I like to send the same resolution, file format, and number of passes, so they look and feel like a set.


One additional thing would be file naming - I tend to give models meaningful names, and the same with saved views - being able to chose to save each file as 'modelname_viewname.png' or 'modelname_serialnumber.png' etc would also be good, and would avoid typos.




This is an excellent idea.  I have to do a ton of similar renderings (same render angle/camera shot, ect) and it would be nice if the only thing I had to do was to change the file name on the main box.  I am not a fan of having to click the save location, then specify the file type.  It would be quick to just have a 'favorite' that I would only change the file name.

I just release Beta 25 on the website.  It does not have the batch render default fixes we have discussed in this thread.  They are on the list, but did not quite make this last build.


Thanks Scott. Look forward to them in due course, Jonnie
One other addition I would like to see is a time calculation.  I have to bill clients based on time and it would be nice to see how long the entire batch of renders took.  I usually load up the render with 8 (it maxes out at 8) then leave for the night.  I have no clue how long it took to finish.
You can work that out easily already - just note the time when you set the batch going (or save the model file just before starting the batch, and use the timestamp on that), then check the time each file was created - easy to calculate individual or total times from that



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