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Basing Camera Lens Length on Adobe Bridge Photo Data

I want to fit a bridge model to a digital photo used as Wallpaper in Perspective View. When viewing that digital image in Adobe Bridge, it reports a focal length of 4.3mm and a focal length in 35mm film of 24.0mm.

Setting the camera length in the Perspective Viewport Properties to either of those focal lengths doesn't seem to match the wallpaper very well. It could be because the image is cropped from a panorama, but I've had the problem with other photos as well.

How can I better use the image data reported by Adobe Bridge to better fit my model to the wallpaper image?

Thanks in advance ...

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If the image is clipped from a panorama, then the match will not work.  Rhino uses views that have the target centerd in the current view.  The center of the photograph was the center of the panaorama.  By clipping the image, the center will not be in the center of the image and may be off the image all together, making a match impossible.

Thank you Scott.

For non-panoramic and uncropped photos, can the focal length and lens length reported by Adobe Bridge be used to derive the best lens length to use in Rhino? I can provide an example if that would help.



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