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Audit3dm tells me nXt is using a (shocking) 160 mb in my 3dm file. This amount seems to be rapidly expanding somehow.

Do you have tools that would enable us to know what is going on?

My material textures are linked.


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I think I might have found something here...

Is it possible when flamingo has to go looking for a linked texture that it didn't find in the path it was expecting that possibly it automatically changes the linked mode to linked and embedded if it finds the file?

We already know it just obliterates all the texture settings and the original path when it doesn't find the file... Which I still find to be endlessly frustrating and ... well.. completely unacceptable. This has been a known issue for way too long to not be corrected.

I moved some files around a couple weeks ago and it destroyed a significant portion of my materials.

nXt isn't inexpensive enough when compared to it's competitors to be worth this headache.

Ryan -

Can we see this file?  We can look through the information to see what is in the data.  I am not sure why it is expanding.  The file is large, so use our Upload page send it: http://www.rhino3d.com/upload



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