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I'd like to understand how nXt works for the position of background images.

As you can see on the picture, I calculated the position of my background to be exactly under a glassy rectangle. The result is that the size of my background looks good but the position not. I positioned it by calculating in pixel taking the size of the render screen in reference.

Did I make a mistake?


F. Martin

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The way the background placement works is a little different.  The Scale X and Y is applied to the Dec (Offset) X and Y.  In your case, here are the numbers.

  • Final background size in X (945) / Total Pixels in X (1804)= Scale X (0.524)
  • Final background size in Y (490) / Total Pixels in Y (931) = Scale Y (0.526)
  • (Offset in X (430)/Total Pixels in X (1804)) / Scale X (0.524) = Offset X (0.455)
  • (Offset in Y (241)/Total Pixels in Y (931)) / Scale Y (0.526) = Offset Y (0.492)

Your approach to the background placement makes sense and perhaps we should change the way the placement works?  Are there other situations that such a change would be a problem?

Thank you Scott, now it's perfect!

As it's the first time I do something like that, I can't tell you other situations, sorry...



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