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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows


i'm designing a giant urban park a i would like to use flamingo plants for renderings. i would like to know if is possible to apply the plants to a point cloud generated in grasshopper. it would be awesome.

thank you!

Victor Sardenberg


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Victor -

We have a Flamingo NXT SDK that we have started to document.  Please give this age a look:


Does it help?

probably it helps, but i'm using flamingo 2 and do not have experience in rhinoscript or python.

is it hard to make a script that ask for some points and apply a plant at these points?

The SDK we are showing here only applies to Flamingo NXT.  If you are using Flamingo 2, you may just want to use the copy command after inserting the first tree.  Be careful, if you are using a 320bit system, Flamingo 2 will run you out of memory.

NXT uses instanced plants.  If you wrap the tree in a block, then you can copy it thousands of times.  This only works with NXT.



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