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Hello all,

Sorry if this is an easy question but I am new to Flamingo nXt and am fairly new to 3D rendering...my question is on how to apply client supplied JPEG files to curved surfaces in my renderings?  Is the pictureframe comand the best way for applying logos and JPEGs to flat surfaces?


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Kregg -

You might find decals work better.  Take a look at this video:


Thanks Scott, that does it!  In one of my renderings even after letting it run for a significant amount of time I am still getting like a light "fragment" look to the material, like its specialed with white lite...do you know what might be causeing that?

You would have to show me the image.  I look for duplicate surfaces when I get fragmenting.

I am still learning how to use and orient lights so forgive me...is it a setting or the amount of light that you have turned on or setup that gives subject the "brightness" like real life...the back wall should be blue and white...not grey.  Thanks in advance for the help! (I have to email the file, I can't post it on here, sorry)



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